You’ve probably seen them in a ton of hands-on videos already (including some very nice ones from our Josh Vergara), but if you still can’t get enough of the new Galaxy S5 and its accompanying wearables, Samsung has got you covered.

These two videos published today do a nice job of explaining the main features of Samsung’s new flagship and two new wearables. From the fingerprint sensor embedded inside the home button, to the ISOCELL camera sensor that should make possible some great shots even in low-light conditions, and the ultra battery saving mode, the Galaxy S5 does offer several good reasons for upgrading. As long as you’re okay with iterative design, in both hardware and software, that is.

For a closer look at the Galaxy S5 and the new Gears, check out our extensive coverage from last week at MWC:

So, Galaxy S5: yay or nay?

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