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Galaxy S5 may arrive with a 64-bit processor, report says

The Galaxy S5 may come with a 64-bit processor inside, a new report says, although the phone is yet to become official. Read on or more details!
November 19, 2013
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A new report from South Korea says that Samsung and ARM have “fine-tuned” their plan to equip the Galaxy S5 smartphone expected to be launched next year with a 64-bit processor.

While the news is certainly not surprising, it’s not official either, as it’s based on sources familiar with the matter that talked to The Korea Herald. However, the Galaxy S5 will most likely be Samsung’s next flagship device, which certainly makes it the perfect candidate for 64-bit processors.

Apple launched the first smartphone with a 64-bit CPU a couple of months ago, the iPhone 5S, and we can only expect more handset makers to move to such mobile processors.

Samsung has already confirmed that it’s going to have 64-bit processors in future phones, and it’s only logical to assume that flagship devices will get such advanced silicon first. Alongside the Galaxy S5, we would expect the Galaxy Note 4 to also include a 64-bit CPU – or at least that one of these two models would have next-gen ARM processors on board.

What’s even more interesting is that an ARM official apparently said that 128-bit processors could arrive in the following years, although other details have not been shared on the matter.

While 64-bit processors may be seen as a marketing gimmick for now, they likely have a future in the mobile business. In fact, just recently a Qualcomm top exec took hits at Apple for its 64-bit processor, but the company later retracted his statements. The Qualcomm exec was then reassigned, and he isn’t part of top management anymore. As for Qualcomm, the company will surely also work on its own 64-bit processors for mobile devices.