S4 wireless charger
Samsung has been very busy over the past few weeks with its flagship Android handset, the Galaxy S4. Earlier this week, it even introduced a brand new version of the same device, a model that’s meant to be used by people who need a tough, long-lasting handset. Today, Samsung is moving to make sure Galaxy S4 owners are satisfied yet again with the addition of official wireless charging accessories to its very own online store.

The official Galaxy S4 wireless charging cover and an accompany wireless charging pad are both available for purchase now on Samsung’s online phone accessories store. The wireless charging pad is a new Qi-certified wireless charging product that will allow refilling the Galaxy S4 with battery power without the need for wires or cables of any kind. As for the wireless charging cover, it’s the battery cover replacement that needs to be present in order for any Galaxy S4 unit to be wireless charging-capable.

If you need this in your life right now, all you have to do is make your way to Samsung’s online store in order to place your order. The wireless charging pad, which could probably also be used with other Qi-certified wireless charging products, can be bought for $49.99. Meanwhile, the replacement wireless charging cover that should go on the Galaxy S4 is available for $39.99. Check out the source links below for the order details.

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