Samsung-Galaxy-S3-Wireless-Charging-Kit 1

The Galaxy S4 is the most anticipated Android device of the year, and, as spring approaches more and more rumors and reports are emerging about Samsung’s new superphone. The latest such report concerns the presence of a wireless charging module on the Galaxy S4.

According to the Korean news portal DDaily, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature a wireless charging module, one that will be compatible with the Qi standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. The Korean report claims that Samsung has considered using a different technology to transmit power wirelessly, one based on resonant magnetic coupling.

Resonant magnetic charging differs from electromagnetic induction (the technology used by the Qi standard) by allowing charging at distances of 1-2 meters. In contrast, Qi only allows wireless charging at a distance of up to 4cm (1.6 inch). Samsung has reportedly developed a wireless charger based on magnetic resonance, but the company found that it’s not feasible to commercialize the system.

The coil that enables wireless charging will be placed in the back plate of the Galaxy S4. According to the report, the Galaxy S4 will not come with wireless charging by default. Samsung will sell the back plates fitted with wireless charging coils and the chargers separately, at a price that will be determined.

The Galaxy S3 was supposed to come with a wireless charger accessory, but Samsung never made good on the promise. Another high-profile device to feature wireless charging is the Google Nexus 4, but the orb-shaped charger for the device has not been made available yet.