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Samsung Galaxy S4 - Frost White vs. Mist Black [video]

Before you get your new Galaxy S4, you're going to have to make a decision on what color to choose. We've put together a color comparison video just for that reason! Read on to find out more!
May 31, 2013
While you may not consider the Samsung Galaxy S4 to be the most innovative product of the year, it’s certainly one of the biggest releases. It’s a very nice handset, and it has performed remarkably well in our versus tests with other devices, such as the HTC One. However, the Galaxy S4 doesn’t come in a whole lot of colors just yet.

There two official colors for the device are Frost White and Mist Black with a few more that should be arriving in the near future. In the meantime, we’ve put together a color comparison video for you!

The big difference between the two colors variants is the LED light. On the Black Mist Galaxy S4, the LED is basically invisible when it’s not flashing. It’s the same thing with the Frost White variant, but the sensors on the phone are more visible. They feel a bit more hidden on the Black Mist variant due to the darker color.


On the other hand, the lights from the capacitive buttons on the Frost White model give off light into the body of the device. That isn’t the case with the Black Mist variant.


When it comes to the two color options, the assumption is that Frost White is probably the most popular given the fact that Mist Black wasn’t available on some carriers right away. Frost White on the Galaxy S4 is really nice and is certainly my favorite out of the two. However, we’d love to hear what your preference is. Simply vote in the poll below!

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