An alleged hands-on video of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has emerged on the web, but is this the real thing? Several clues seem to suggest so.

Has Samsung lost the tight control it used to have over its secretive operation? Last year, we had no idea what the Galaxy S3 would look like until the very last minute. This year, days before the March 14 launch we had images of what appears to be the Galaxy S4, and now even a video.

The same user that posted the alleged Galaxy S4 Duos images on a Chinese forum has now published a hands-on video of the device on YouTube. The video pretty much dispels the possibility that the device was doctored to look like a GS4, although there’s still a chance we are looking at a prototype.

Have a look for yourself.

To add credence to the possibility that this is in fact the real Galaxy S4, Samsung has tweeted a few hours ago an image of “The Next Big Thing”. The image shows a device that is very similar to the Galaxy S3, but also to the device shown in the video. Curiously, the device teased in the video doesn’t seem to feature the camera, sensors, and speakers you can see in the video.


I am still having some doubts about the veracity of the device, but the clues are piling up in its favor. Come to think of it, the black and white theme of the tease campaign is present in the design of the device, which is black (or dark gray) on the front and white (light gray) on the rear. We can also spot what seems to be an aluminum side on the device, although it could be just chromed plastic.

What do you make of this video? Would you like the Galaxy S4 to look like this?