The Galaxy S4 is not even official and it looks like it has already crawled atop of the Browsermark 2.0 browser benchmark.

According to RightWare, a GT-I9500 device – which everyone seems to agree it’s the model number of the Galaxy S4 – running Build JOP40D (or Android 4.2.1) and Mobile Google Chrome 25 managed to score 2710 in testing thus beating all other smartphones out there:

Phone GT-I9500 Build/JOP40D with Mobile Google Chrome 25 score was:
Phone GT-I9500 Build/JOP40D with Mobile Google Chrome 25 browser is superior to 99% of all Phone browsers

RightWare posted the results for GT-I9500 test on its Power Board, with the device beating the iPhone 5, various Galaxy S3 and Note 2 versions, and everyone else’s phone in this particular benchmark.


Apparently the test is genuine, but don’t expect Samsung to confirm any of it just yet, which means we’ll just have to wait for the handset to be launched for similar benchmark test to be repeated. However, as you can see in the first screenshot above, Samsung India Software Operations is listed under ISP, in case it matters.

The Galaxy S4 will be unveiled on March 14 at a special event in New York city, which we’ll attend live to cover everything Galaxy S4-related.