samsung galaxy s4 teaser header

Samsung Mobile US tweeted a teaser image of “the next big thing”. But is this how the Galaxy S4 will look like or is it just a false lead?

You know those images of a China-bound Galaxy S4 that were leaked yesterday? Apparently, we might have been wrong for calling them fake. Samsung Mobile US just teased a tantalizing image of what’s supposedly The Next Big Thing, and the phone does bear a resemblance with yesterday’s leaked device.

Looking at the image that Samsung tweeted a few hours ago, the thing that strikes me is the close resemblance to the Galaxy S3. In fact, I superimposed an image of the Galaxy S3 over it, and their shapes are identical. However, there are some differences when it comes to the position of the Samsung logo and obviously, the absence of speakers, camera, and sensors.


To make more of the phone visible I play around with the levels. Here’s the result:

samsung galaxy s4 teaser levels

What’s going on here? I am wondering if Samsung would really keep the same design for the new Galaxy S4.

All the previous information we had (save for yesterday’s leak) suggested that Samsung will adopt a new, angular design for the new flagship.

Moreover, several rumors indicated that Sammy is going for a black and white scheme. Even the video teaser starring little Jeremy offers some clues that the Galaxy S4 will come in black and white versions (or perhaps a combination of the two colors).

But the device teased in the image has the same curvature as the Galaxy S3, and at least to my eye, that looks like Pebble Blue, not black.

Could Samsung be trying to muddle the waters ahead of the launch? Perhaps they want the Galaxy S4 to be a total surprise… Oh well, only two days to go.