Not only did we interview NVIDIA at CES 2013, talking about the company’s recently announced products, but we also got a chance to speak to Samsung about its mobile performance in 2012 and some of its plans for the future.

Naturally, the Galaxy S4 came up a few times during the interview, and while the company wouldn’t confirm anything about its next flagship device at this particular point in time, it kind of hinted that some of the existing rumors out there are on the right track.

Will we see a Galaxy S4 with a 5-inch 1080p AMOLED display later this year? That certainly sounds like something Samsung would launch, especially considering what its competitors are already selling, or getting ready to release, isn’t it?

At least we got Ryan Bidan, Director of Product Marketing at Samsung Telecommunications America, to say “Galaxy S4” on camera, which is most likely what the next flagship Android handset will be called – after all, the same product name was used by a different Samsung exec on a different occasion in late 2012.

Check out the video to see all that and more! And let us know your plans for 2013, are you buying the Galaxy S4 when it comes out or are you looking forward to other smartphones this year?