Samsung Galaxy S4 roadshow Canada
It has been two full weeks since the Samsung Galaxy S4 was first officially unveiled to the general public, and it seems like the excitement surrounding it has not subsided at all. Samsung knows that it would be foolish to not help keep the hype around its latest flagship smartphone alive, and so over in Canada, it has decided to go on a roadshow promoting the said product to the local carriers.

According to an internal memo supplied to the guys over at Mobile Syrup, the Galaxy S4 is set to star in demonstrations that will begin for Canadian telco employees starting this April 8th. It will go on all the way until April 26th, at which time it is speculated that the handset will already be fully available for purchase.

There’s currently no indication of when the Samsung Galaxy S4 will really be made available — or when first in Canada — but a mid-April or end of April release wouldn’t be too far-fetched. And that means that it will be arriving very soon.

David Gonzales
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