There’s definitely a lot of talk about Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S4, at this time of year. We’ve seen so far a variety of rumors, and it looks like there is even more Galaxy S4-related unconfirmed stuff to look at.

This time around we have a report from South Korea that says the Galaxy S4 will launch in April, although we’ll remind you to take everything with a chunk of salt for now, as we can’t offer you any official release dates for this next high-end Android handset.

Furthermore, the Galaxy S4 – which is already rumored to come with a larger 5-inch 1080p AMOLED display – is now said to feature S Pen functionality right out of the box. So far Samsung has paired its stylus models with phablets and tablets alone, but it looks like it’s now ready to bring the S Pen to the future Galaxy S flagship device, right alongside a variety of S Pen features.

Obviously, we’re keeping close tabs on all things Galaxy S4-related, and we’ll cover all the rumors and leaks out there, no matter how wild, until we find official details for you.

Are you planning to upgrade from the Galaxy S3 to the Galaxy S4 when the latter is launched?