Believe it or not, we have more Galaxy S4 rumors for you today. It’s either a strange coincidence, or someone somewhere is really pumping up the buzz around Samsung’s fourth-gen Galaxy S member.

This time around we’re looking at what could be the first leak of a Galaxy S4 press image. The image above shows us what the Galaxy S4 could look like, and you’ll certainly agree that the proposed product is definitely on par with what’s expected from the device.

The image shows us a handset that’s similar to the Galaxy S3, although it does seem to have a thinner bezel and an even bigger physical Home button. If the image is indeed true, the corners of the phone have been redesigned as well, and they do appear to be more symmetrical.

Also worth noting is the date on the handset: April 22. As you can see in the second image – in which we compare the purported Galaxy S4 image with the Galaxy S3 official press photo – the press image of the Galaxy S3 has May 3 on it, which is the date when the handset was announced in 2012. Again, if the image shows us the real deal, should we understand that the Galaxy S4 would be announced on April 22, 2013?


Earlier today we heard that Samsung is rumored to hold a special U.S.-based media event in March for the Galaxy S4, with the handset ready to roll out around April 15. But this new image seems to contradict those reports.

So where does it come from? Apparently it has been hiding in plain sight on Picasa, where a student from Hong Kong who doesn’t appear to have any professional relationship with Samsung uploaded it on December 27, 2012.

And you’ll see in the following screenshot that the image has the proper name you expect: “Galaxy S IV GT-I9500 Product Image.”


We have seen various other Android devices outed on Picasa way ahead of their official launches, but in various cases the people uploading the images were somehow connected to the respective company.

While holding on to our grain of salt we can’t but wonder why this image was placed there in the first place and if it has anything to do with the real deal. What do you think?

Thanks, Giuseppe!

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