While the Galaxy S3 was launched less than six months ago, the first Galaxy S4 rumors started hitting the web a few weeks ago. In fact, we’re looking today at a new Sam Mobile report that reveals that Samsung is already working on 2013 devices that would feature 3GB of RAM.

The publication even provides a leaked image that shows two such devices that have a “3Gb [sic] RAM” sticker on top of them. The handsets are obviously test devices, assuming they’re real, but we don’t have any product names for them.

In case we’re looking at actual future Android handsets, then it would make sense to see Samsung’s 2013 flagship devices to pack as much RAM as they can carry. Naturally, the Galaxy S4 would be one of those flagship Android handsets, although the publication doesn’t mention it yet. On the other hand, let’s not forget that Samsung also makes Windows Phone smartphones, not to mention that it has its own mobile platform to think about.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we actually need that much RAM in a smartphone. Or do we? Sam Mobile speculates that Samsung may be working on features that would require more RAM. Hopefully that’s the case, and Samsung won’t be increasing on-board RAM just so it can brag its upcoming devices will have better and better specs than the competition.

We’ll definitely put a pin in this 3GB RAM rumor and end our Galaxy S4 speculation here but we’ll get back to it once we have more proof that Samsung is indeed considering upgrading the RAM in its future Android handsets.

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