The Samsung CES 2013 was very boring for anyone looking forward to new Android devices from the world’s top Android maker. While some distant rumors did say that one particular device could be unveiled at the Las Vegas trade show, the Galaxy S4 was not officially unveiled at this first major event of the year, as expected.

Rumor has it that Samsung will show the device at CES, but only privately, most likely to partners, not that we can confirm that particular report either.

What’s clear is that Samsung isn’t interested in having the Galaxy S4 share the show with all its other smart devices that were unveiled today, including a new range of intelligent TVs, new Windows laptops, smart cameras and too-smart-if-you-ask-me home appliances.

For that matter, no new Android devices were unveiled today, with the company only mentioning on stage some of its existing Android gadgets including the Galaxy S3 and the 4G LTE Galaxy Note 10.1.

Obviously, now we’re going to wonder whether the Galaxy S4 is coming next month at MWC 2013 – and yes, there are some rumors claiming that’s where Samsung will unveil the handset – although the most plausible scenario for the announcement of Samsung’s next top smartphone is that it’ll be scheduled for a later non-trade-show-related event that will best fit Samsung’s plans for the handset.

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