The other day we looked at an interesting Samsung CES 2013 teaser, which suggested that new devices are going to be unveiled by the South Korea company at the Las Vegas trade show next month. Naturally, we speculated alongside everyone else that the Galaxy S4 could be one of them.

This isn’t the first time that we take such possibilities into account – having one of Samsung’s 2013 flagship devices announced early next year – but it appears that this won’t be the case. Samsung already denied in the recent past one rumor that said the handset is coming at MWC 2013, and now we hear that the company is going to “go heavy on television announcements” at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The news comes from CNET, which was apparently able to confirm that CES 2013 is all about new TVs for the company, with the Galaxy S3 successor scheduled to be unveiled at a later event.

Obviously, the Galaxy S4 rumors will continue to hit the web in the following weeks and months, no matter what Samsung decides to share with the world about unreleased products, especially since competing rumors are already detailing some hot Sony and LG products that will take on the Galaxy S4 next year. Let’s not forget that MWC 2013 is another important event for the main players in the mobile business, where Android device makers will share with the world new creations, flagship devices included, so we’d expect some Galaxy S4 buzz around the event even if the handset will not actually make it to that show either.

If these Galaxy S4 rumors sound all too familiar, that’s because we went through similar speculations last year with the Galaxy S3. The device was eventually presented to the world at a special Samsung-only early May event in London, with Samsung trying its best to keep rumors and leaks down to a minimum. The same thing will probably happen this year as well.

With that in mind and considering Samsung’s interest in hosting its own special media events, we’d be surprised to see the Galaxy S4 come at the next CES or MWC, although stranger things have happened. The most accurate prediction we can make at this point is that the handset will be unveiled and launched in the first half of the year, but then again, you suspected that much all along, didn’t you?

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