The Galaxy S4 will most likely be one of the Android stars of 2013, but just like with its predecessor we have no idea at this time of year when the handset will be introduced and launched.

The device was rumored to arrive early this year, either at CES or at MWC, but the handset did only visit Las Vegas behind closed doors – reportedly – and it looks like it won’t make it to MWC next month in Barcelona, Spain, either.

The most important show in mobile of the year, MWC 2013 will surely offer us quite a few new Android devices, especially considering that some of the big guns in the business decided not to announce any new mobile devices at CES.

But Samsung’s mobile division head JK Shin revealed earlier today, when confirming that the Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled at the trade show, that the Galaxy S4 will not be announced during the event.

This is certainly not a surprising move from Samsung, but at least it should put rumors to bed, or at least for the time being. Then again, this isn’t the first time Samsung says the phone is not going to appear at MWC 2013, is it? But at least this time around the denial seems to come for one of the most important execs with the company.

Will history repeat itself then? Samsung announced the Galaxy S3 in early May 2012 and started shipping it later during the same month in various markets. Is Samsung going to announce the Galaxy S4 about a year after its predecessor became official?