The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been blazing a trail throughout the world for almost a month now, while its rumored little brother, the Galaxy S4 Mini, has been punching its way through benchmark sites left, right and center.

The latest batch of benchmarks have tacked a 28nm 1.7Ghz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Plus onto the Galaxy S4 Mini, with an Adreno 305 GPU also said to be found under the hood. It seems Samsung has again decided to forgo the use of its own Exynos processors, compounding its decision to put a Snapdragon 600 in the majority of its flagship Galaxy S4 units.

The screen resolution seems to have been confirmed at 960 x 540, which pales in comparison to high end devices like the HTC One and Galaxy S4, but with its smaller screen size, the PPI should be decent enough.

The benchmark result also reveals connectivity options like Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and dual-band Wi-FI 802.11n. Although the version that has been benchmarked appears to not support LTE connectivity, another version, the GT-19195 is expected to support 4G LTE.

Like its big brother, the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S4 Mini will be running a skinned version of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, with TouchWiz Nature UX 2.0 on top. The benchmark doesn’t make it clear what camera will equip the Galaxy S4 Mini, but taking into account leaked photos on Picasa, it appears that the smartphone will have a 6 Megapixel camera.

No release date has been confirmed, although rumors are pegging the release of the Galaxy S4 Mini to be sometime in June. As always, these are simply benchmarks and, as we know, they can be manipulated, so remember to take the news with a grain of salt, even though these rumors seem legitimate.

What do you think of the specs of the Galaxy S4 Mini? Enough to interest you into buying it? Or are there better options on the market?