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Did you ever think a time would come that a 4.3” phone would be considered “mini”? On the flipside, did you ever think anyone would really want a 6.3” phone? Well, if you were Samsung, and were driving the Android device landscape, you did.

The expected arrival of the Galaxy S4 mini is getting closer, as the device has made an appearance in the Samsung source code. That usually means it’s well on its way to being mass produced and available for purchase. The Galaxy S4 is due in a few weeks, so it’s reasonable to think we could see the “mini” a few weeks later.

That could cannibalize sales of the S4, or it could be a two-pronged attack from Samsung. Once the S4 mini enters the market, we would have a multitude of Samsung offerings. At that point, they would have a device at just about every screen size, with a variety of specs, at a variety of price points. That’s market dominance if we’ve ever seen it.

Another thing to think about is the time-frame of availability. IF we expect the S4 in a few weeks, and could see the S4 mini a few weeks later… that’s right about the time of Google I/O. Maybe Samsung wants to steal a little thunder… like Google cancelling Reader right around the time of their S4 launch event at Radio City Music Hall.