Samsung Galaxy S4

Whatever your opinion is on Samsung, one thing can be said for them: they do it big. From a 6.3” phone to a Broadway show announcing the “next big thing”, Samsung is intent on making an impact. Romania is not immune to their effect, either.

How do you make a big deal about a device in Romania? Helicopters. That’s right, Samsung flew the Galaxy S4 into their announcement event in a helicopter. I guess just, you know, bringing it along with you isn’t good enough. You have to treat it like a state secret, replete with two dapper guards.

Say what you like, but it’s pretty cool that Samsung puts forth so much effort to a smaller market like Romania. I’m sure the cost for a stunt like this is high, but obviously they’re serious about the Galaxy S4 being a hit everywhere. Hopefully, Romanians found it fun and different, or at least cool enough to give the device a look.

The video is below. It’s set to a “James Bond” theme song, which is perhaps the funniest part. Bond uses a Sony Xperia… not a Samsung. Oops.