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Galaxy S4 launch happening by early April, New Zealand contest seems to reveal

The Galaxy S4 is now rumored to be launched in early April, although an official release date is not yet available.
January 31, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors continue to abound and this time around we’re looking at a leak that seems to indirectly confirm that the Galaxy S4 will be available to customers in early April.

An internal contest at a mobile retailer in New Zealand reveals that the handset could be launched by April 8, with the handset being one of the prizes offered to all winners.

The contest happens to end on April 8, so it only seems logical to see the Galaxy S4 in stores by that time, in order for it to be awarded to winners. However, the leaked documents do not specify when the prizes will be given.

Furthermore, the docs do say that all winners will go to an event in Auckland in late May, so who’s to say that they’ll get the Galaxy S4 units before that particular event? Naturally, we expect the Galaxy S4 to hit various stores by late-May.


Will the handset hit carriers in early April? That seems possible, especially considering that competitors like Sony and HTC will already have their flagship devices in stores by that time.

Existing rumors suggest that the handset is going to be unveiled at a special U.S.-based Mobile Unpacked event that will take place in March, with the device expected to be released in the following month. So an early April release date is not out of the question, at least for some markets, although today’s leak can’t really confirm that.