samsung knox

Samsung is gearing up for the worldwide release of the Galaxy S4, but a big feature for the enterprise won’t be ready for launch. The New York Times is reporting from unnamed sources that the security software solution Knox won’t be available at the launch of the Galaxy S4, and will instead be available in July.

Samsung has already confirmed to The Times that Knox won’t be available till a later date, however, the date remained unknown. The apparent reason for the delaying of the full release of the software is that Samsung is yet to complete testing, both internally and with the carriers.

Knox is a multi layered security solution, that separates both home and work on your smartphone. Features like a customizable secure boot, the ability to disable the kernel, and an encrypted file system ensure the security of Knox devices to be top notch.

In an official statement Samsung said “All the Knox framework components come standard on the device, with full-feature activation by solution providers and distribution channels to become available at a later date.”

The delay of Knox security will definitely hinder Samsung’s assault on enterprise, as it attempts to replace BlackBerry as the enterprise go to platform.