Open the Internet today and you’ll find a bunch of Galaxy S4-related rumors, all based on different, unconfirmed, reports, that we have covered thoroughly when they originally hit the presses.

In short, today’s articles say that Samsung could unveil the 2013 flagship Galaxy handset at next year’s CES edition and that the device may very well feature a 4.99-inch display with 1920 x 1080 resolution and 441 PPI, an Exynos 5450 quad-core CPU (Cortex-A15) and a 13-megapixel camera.

Nothing new under the sun, right? But the Galaxy S4 rumors are getting more and more traction even though the Galaxy S3 is still a strong product and we would expect it to sell quite well in the Christmas quarter too.  And while everything is plausible, we’ll still question everything until we get more details on the Galaxy S4’s specs and features.

Why would Samsung launch the Galaxy S4 earlier than we’d expect it to? Assuming the Galaxy S4 is announced at CES, then it would probably hit stores in the following month or months. That would mean the Galaxy S4 would be available to customers less than a year after the Galaxy S3’s launch.

Likeways, look for iPhone 5S rumors and you’ll find recent reports that say Apple is already working/producing on its seventh-generation iPhone and, not only that, but it will launch the new device in the summer of 2013 as opposed to an expected fall launch. Moreover, the most recent rumor says that Apple will not only launch the iPhone 5S in mid-2013, but also the next-generation iPad(s). Again, plausible but questionable rumors.

Are we that bored with current technology that we’re already looking at next year’s devices? That’s one some consumers are unimpressed with new releases and are quick to complain as soon as the new gadgets hit stores about them not meeting overly-hyped expectations. On the other hand, lack of rumors and hype do seem to lead to no, or low, profits for most mobile players, with Samsung and Apple collecting most of the cash in play right now.

On that note, and since we’re looking at the broad mobile environment and all its intricacies, we can’t but notice that you sure as hell don’t see any Nokia Lumia or BlackBerry 10 handset rumors for next year yet. And while we’re on it, there aren’t any Motorola device rumors hitting the web, as we still expect that at some point in the future, hopefully sooner rather than later, Google will start using that particular subsidiary for actually building hardware, maybe the Nexus kind.

Naturally, we’re here to cover all Android- and mobile-related rumors and reports for you, so we’ll keep up with them as rumor mill churns them out, but we’ll advise you to take everything with a grain of salt and not let them cloud your buying judgment. Don’t hesitate to buy today the smartphone you have chosen in hope that the next couple of months will bring about an even cooler device. Because that will definitely happen, especially in the Android universe where new devices get launched every few months or so and you’ll always find a reason to postpone a purchase.