samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one s4 display aa

Samsung isn’t kidding about the Galaxy S4. Between the Radio City Music Hall event, or flying the device in to Romania on a helicopter, Samsung intends to make a world wide statement with the S4. Now, according to BGR, The Galaxy S4 will be available in India, starting April 27th.

The device, which will be available at Reliance Digital stores across India, and some are rumored to be taking pre-orders. For Samsung to involve themselves in an emerging market like India straight away tells us they’re serious about domination. We’re happy to see it, but what of those supply chain issues?

Samsung has admitted the phone is in such demand, that they’re having trouble keeping up with production. Making it available at up to 139 Reliance Stores countrywide could serve to deepen those issues. Here in the US, many carriers have pushed back their release dates and stopped taking pre-orders.

The good news is that Samsung plans to have all the production issues ironed out on a few weeks, so those who go wanting won’t do so for long. It’s good to see India get the respect it deserves from an OEM like Samsung. We hope other follow their example.