Even though the Galaxy S4 is rumored to make an appearance behind closed doors at CES 2013, it’s not likely to see an official announcement at the Las Vegas trade show, which we’re covering on-location by the way.

However, Galaxy S4 traces are already present, with various leaks and reports starring the 2013 flagship Samsung handset hitting the web these days. We’ve seen the Galaxy S4 hands-on video preview mockup and we held a firm grain of salt while looking at the supposedly first leaked Galaxy S4 press image.

But at the same time, the Galaxy S4 name was mentioned by a Samsung exec a while ago, and its model number – GT-I9500 / GT-I9505 (LTE version) – was spotted in the wild. While initial reports wondered whether the GT-I9500 was a Tizen or Android handset, it was later revealed that the device would run Google’s OS.

Now the same product was spotted right on Samsung’s Global Download Centre, or the company’s support pages where you’d get “downloadable content for Samsung’s Products or service sold throughout the world.”


In fact, we’re looking at a slightly different model number in the list, GT-I9500X, which could describe a Galaxy S4 variation, maybe the model that’s coming to CES 2013 on a special mission.

While the Galaxy S4 product name doesn’t appear anywhere on the site, it’s more than clear that the GT-I9500X is a smartphone, because that’s the section where it appears listed – see image above. Even if the GT-I9500 isn’t the Galaxy S4, you can’t download anything for this particular smartphone model at this time from Samsung’s support pages, so we can only wonder why it was listed in the first place.

We’ll be back with more Galaxy S4 details as soon as we have them, and we’re going to be on the lookout for Galaxy S4 news in Las Vegas, as we walk the floors of the trade show.

Thanks, Kevin!

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