Galaxy S4 wireless gamepad

When Samsung lifted the veil on the Galaxy S4 last week, we learned that the flagship handset will also be accompanied by an array of accessories, with some standouts like the S View Cover, the wireless charging pad, and the Game Pad — Samsung’s very own Bluetooth-enabled gaming controller.

If you’re planning on getting the Game Pad, you might want to rethink that for a moment, especially now that we’re getting a better idea of how much Samsung is planning to charge you for the controller.

Ready for the big reveal? As listed on Mobile Fun’s website, which has started taking pre-order for the Game Pad, you’ll have to shell out $113 to take the dual analog sticks controller home. Yikes! We’re not sure if this is its official price or if the retailer is playing some game on us, but that kind of crazy pricing will turn off many potential buyers.


Talking about cheaper and probably better alternatives, one can always go with the MOGA controller instead, which offers similar setup and can be had for $49.99. There are loads more in the market priced in the same range.

But if you simply must have a matching Samsung gaming controller for your Galaxy devices, seeing that it’s compatible with older phones like the Galaxy S3 and Note 2, as well as future ones like the Galaxy Note 3, Mobile Fun said that the wireless controller will be shipped out in May.

Haven’t lost your lust for the Game Pad? Hoping that the official price will be much, much lower? Let us know in the comments below.

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