Samsung Galaxy S4 3 aa 600

Technology research firm IHS expects Samsung to more than double its lead over rival smartphone manufacturers by the end of 2013. IHS didn’t comment on exactly what market share they expect Samsung to end up with, but they are predicting a lead of around 11% over its nearest rival Nokia.

Samsung currently holds a 5% lead in global unit shipments over second place Nokia, and a 19% lead over major smartphone rival Apple. In 2012 Samsung shipped 29% of all smartphones, with Nokia close behind on 24%.

Unit Shipment marketshare

However the launch of the Galaxy S4 is expected to propel Samsung further out in front, and with Nokia experiencing difficulties convincing consumers to adopt its smartphones, the gap could well widen further. Based on the impressive quadrupling of pre-registrations for the Galaxy S4 reported by the Carphone Warehouse, I personally find this forecast pretty believable.

IHS analyst Ion Fogg seems particular keen on Samsung’s focus on lifestyle with the Galaxy S4.

“Combined with a massive worldwide rollout through almost every operator, the lifestyle focus of the S4 will help drive Samsung’s market share sharply in 2013,”

It’s not something I personally I agree with but I take the point that Samsung is branching out into areas untouched by its rivals, which could certainly push a few more consumers over to Samsung.

It looks like everyone is expecting the Galaxy S4 to take the world by storm, and I’m certainly not going to be one to argue there. But I am a little concerned for Samsung’s rival manufacturers, and what this means for the future of the competitive open-source Android market.