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How does the Galaxy S4 display stack up to the competition?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a 1080p display and a new comparison examines how well it stacks up against the competition.
March 28, 2013
How does the Galaxy S4 display stack up to the competition?

Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders are just weeks away here in the U.S., with AT&T announcing April 16 as a launch date. Needless to say it, but there is a lot to be excited about, with one of the biggest changes being the 5-inch full HD display. The crew over at Phone Arena decided to compare the Galaxy S4 display with the iPhone 5, Sony Xperia Z, HTC One, Galaxy S3, and Nokia Lumia 920. All these phones have a 720p HD or better display, so it’s a pretty level playing field.

Galaxy S4 display comparison
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Just like on the Galaxy S3, the AMOLED panel of the Galaxy S4 can’t match the brightness of an LCD display. Every other phone aside from the Galaxy S3 performed well in the brightness test and, when it comes to visibility, the HTC One and iPhone 5 performed the best.

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While viewing angles are not a strong suite on the Galaxy S4, Sony’s Xperia Z performed the worst. Thanks to the high quality LCDs on the HTC One and iPhone 5, they managed to retain more color at different viewing angles.


With a 1080p display, Samsung’s latest flagship has no problems in the resolution department. However, the HTC One is ahead by just 27 ppi, but that’s due to having a 4.7-inch screen compared to the 5-inch screen on the Galaxy S4. And quite frankly, unless you have fantastic eyes, there isn’t much difference.

Color reproduction isn’t fully up to par yet on AMOLED displays and it shows. The Galaxy S4 was more towards the colder side, while, yet again, the HTC One and iPhone 5 performed the best. Still, the Galaxy S4’s display is an obvious improvement compared to the Galaxy S3, and although the S4 doesn’t have the “best” display, it still does pretty well.

When you also take into consideration the rock solid performance and impressive battery life, you could forget about the lack of brightness and viewing angles, don’t you think?