samsung galaxy s4 blue arctic red aurora

Samsung announced that the Galaxy S4 has broken previous sales records, selling 10 million units in less than a month of availability.

It isn’t actually a surprise, but the Galaxy S4 is selling like hotcakes. Samsung announced today the first major milestone in the life of its latest flagship, and, predictably, the fact that the milestone was reached faster than ever before.

Less than a month since the Galaxy S4 became available in the first market, Samsung clocked in the 10 millionth sold unit. How impressive is this performance? Well, the original Galaxy S needed seven months to sell ten million units, the Galaxy S2 needed five months, while last year’s popular Galaxy S3 reached the milestone in 50 days.

Put another way, Samsung sold four Galaxy S4’s every second since the device went on sale, 27 days ago.

While this is a huge performance for Samsung, we have to note that the Galaxy S4 is still not the bestselling smartphone ever, the title belonging (for now) to Apple’s iPhone.

To go with the festive mood today, Samsung also announced the upcoming availability of several new colors for the Galaxy S4. Just like last year, the Koreans are aiming to provide a color scheme for every taste, meaning that, in addition to the Black Mist and White Frost models out now, we’ll also see a Blue Arctic (already out in Japan), Red Aurora, Purple Mirage and Brown Autumn. The new models are slated to start selling “this summer”.

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