Galaxy S4 Active

Famous iPhone (and Sony PlayStation) jailbreaker Geohot has already rooted the recently released Galaxy S4 Active rugged phone.

Moreover, he provided an app which any Galaxy S4 Active owner can use to root his or her device without hassle. Naturally, we’ll remind you that we don’t advise you to root your devices, and that anything that happens during such procedures falls under your responsibility.

That said, if you want to root your device, you’ll have to head on to Geohot’s website (Source link below) and follow the instuctions:

  • visit on an active
  • click the lambda
  • install the apk
  • run activeroot

It doesn’t get any easier than that, does it?

However, you should know that this root method is confirmed to work on the AT&T Galaxy S4 Active (model number SGH-I537) so better make sure your Galaxy S4 Active version is supported before you move forward.

In case you’re still unsure whether to buy Samsung’s latest rugged handset, you can always check out our thorough review here (video above) to make up your mind.

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