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Galaxy S3’s inner beauty exposed thanks to intrepid X-Ray technician

July 23, 2012

Do you love teardowns? I do too, but the thought of losing a beautiful device in the process is always making me a bit sad. Call me sentimental, but I wished there was a more humane, non-invasive way to see what makes my Samsung Galaxy S3 tick… Well, there is.

Engadget reader alexcaron works with mammography machines, and, in his spare time, he likes to shoot bursts of X-rays at consumer devices, such as the iPad, Galaxy Tab 10.1, or the Nexus S. The results are beautiful, ethereal images of the innards of our beloved gadgets, which reveal many of their components.

Alex stuck a new Samsung Galaxy S3 in the X-Ray machine, obtaining the image you can see below. What strikes me is just how much of the space inside the Galaxy S3 is taken up by the battery. You can also spot the two cameras, speakers, the antenna, and various circuits.

Apparently, the X-rayed Galaxy S3 still works fine, so it’s not the same device that caught fire a few weeks back, apparently due to exposure to an external source of radiations.