Remember the amount of hype Samsung managed to build around its new Galaxy S3 before its official unveiling? Well, if you thought that the hype machine will tone down, now that the device is official, you thought wrong!

Not a day goes by without finding out something new about the S3, from its official release dates in different parts of the world to benchmark results, pricing details or different models and specifications. Today, we are glad to show you the S3’s first appearances in unboxing and hands-on videos, which have hit YouTube with a bang over the last days.

There are no less than three unboxing clips and hands-on previews online (that we know of, at least) and all three have something in common. The S3 looks beautiful all-around, and it’s generally praised by reviewers.

GSMArena unboxing

The first clip to hit YouTube came courtesy of and is the only one of the three in English. Unfortunately, it’s also the shortest of the trio, only showing us a glimpse of the new Galaxy phone. The design is described as not the greatest around, but the reviewer doens’t think that the S3 feels cheap, despite it being made entirely out of glossy plastic.

Extremely thin and very light, considering its wide screen, the Galaxy S3 is “solidly built” and “quite pocket friendly”. As far as the display goes, it’s praised for looking “stunning” and offering vivid colors.

In terms of software, you’ll be able to check out some of the new features of Samsung’s TouchWiz “Nature” overlay. You’ll also get to get a feel of how snappy the UI is.

As far as hardware goes, GSMArena’s video doesn’t come with anything that we didn’t already know. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see how that quad-core Exynos chip feels like when used at capacity. We would’ve also liked to see a few photos snapped with the phone, but this is still a very interesting video. unboxing

The second hands-on video comes from Danish website and, while it’s the longest of the three and looks like the most thorough and complete, it’s very difficult to understand anything from it. Still, the the S3’s rear-facing camera is taken for a (very quick) spin and you can also see how a short video plays on the new Galaxy phone. unboxing

The third and final unboxing video is the most recent one and comes from Italian website HDBlog. The clip insists mostly on displaying the Galaxy S3 against other high-end Android smartphones, like the S2, the Galaxy Nexus, HTC’s One X and S, and the Galaxy Note.

This clip doesn’t provide any insight on the S3’s hardware or software, but if you want to see Samsung’s new flagship phone compared with other devices from every possible angle, you should give this video a spin as well.

Now that you’ve seen the Galaxy S3 in action (well, sort of), what do you guys think of it? Could it actually be the best Android smartphone ever? Are you thinking of getting it as soon as it will be put up for sale?

[Update May 18] And here’s another one. Thanks Nikola! Enjoy!