A few weeks ago we learned that a number of Galaxy S3 owners have experienced a strange issue with their smartphones – shutting down for no apparent reason and not restarting thereafter, or “Sudden Death” – but now we have good news for you.

It appears that Samsung has a fix in the works for this particularly annoying problem, and a future firmware update should prevent Galaxy S3 units from going into Sudden Death mode.

The news comes from Tweakers, as the publication has talked directly to a Samsung Benelux spokesperson. The problem seems to be affect a “limited number of Galaxy S3 models with 16GB memory,” and it’s caused by a firmware bug.

More details about the Sudden Death issue aren’t available at this time, but what’s clear is that a firmware update, which is to be released at a yet-to-be-disclosed date, will solve the matter. Meanwhile, those of you that are still experiencing the issue should know that Samsung will fix and/or replace your faulty device.

Are any Android Authority readers out there affected by the Galaxy S3 Sudden Death phenomenon?