Samsung Galaxy SIII

Just over a week ago, Verizon started to let their customers pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S3. However, unlike their direct competitors, the folks at AT&T or Sprint (shipping the Galaxy S3 on June 21), Verizon disappointed a lot of eager customers when they announced that they will only begin selling Samsung’s hit device on July 9. As if that was not bad enough, now Bid Red has gone back and changed the shipping date from July 9 to July 10.

It’s only one day, so nothing to get into a fuss about, right? Well, after going through months of rumors and teasing, 24 hours should not be much of a problem, although I am sure that at least some Verizon customers are looking over to the other side. The delaying of the Samsung Galaxy S3 shipping might add to the choir of Verizon customers discontent with the new shared data plans.

galaxy s3 shipping date verizon

Although it may be wise to keep in mind that one delay in a schedule often precedes others, you should keep calm and carry on for now. Verizon has not revealed the reasons behind the delay of the S3 so far. Also, although Verizon has changed the shipping date, they still haven’t shed any light onto when the phones will actually be handed over to you by the deliveryman.