Our readers are most likely aware of the issues that plagued the release of the hit Samsung Galaxy S3 across North America. Sammy cited the “unprecedented global demand” as the reason for the delays and shortages, and, while in other situations we would have called it out as a lame excuse, in the case of the S3, we are actually inclined to cut Samsung some slack.

The Galaxy S3 obviously sold very good  (6.5 million units in 33 days) which means that device insurance companies like Asurion have a double problem on their hands. First, they need to secure a reasonable stock of replacement units, which is problematic right now due to the S3 shortages. Second, the popularity of the S3 puts some extra pressure on their already strained stocks.

According to two Droid Life readers, Asurion (which ensures devices for the customers of major US carriers, like AT&T and Verizon) is out of Samsung Galaxy S3 replacement units. This means that, if you somehow manage to ruin your precious, precious device, you might have to put up with a waiting list or accept a different device as a replacement.

Needless to say, a case is recommended. Check out our comparison videos of some of the best hard and soft cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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