The Samsung Galaxy S3 saga has just ended in Australia, where Samsung’s new flagship was unveiled during a Sydney special event and is already up for sale. It all started with an ambiguous official statement three weeks ago, which made us think that Aussie tech users would have to wait for a long time, but, fortunately, that hasn’t been the case at all.

In fact, we really have to applaud Samsung and admit that, while we expected the S3 to eventually come to Australia, we didn’t imagine that things would go so smoothly. Furthermore, we also have to applaud the fact that the S3 was made available from all major Aussie carriers at the same time, allowing the regular user to really pick what’s best for them and what suits their needs best.

You can already get the S3 from Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, Telstra and Optus and the carriers’ offers seem pretty decent, at least at a first glance. The cheapest plans come from Virgin Mobile, who have the S3 paired with the Fair Go Plan 29 and Big Plan 29 at $47 and $49 a month respectively. Both plans are for 24-month carrier agreements, as you would expect, and the second one comes with significantly more data included.

The most expensive plan by a mile comes from Telstra, offering the Galaxy S3 for free upfront, but with $129 monthly fees. There are a couple of $99 per month plans from Vodafone as well, but you’ll get a nice deal out of these only if you have data and call usage.

All of the plans and deals for the Galaxy S3 in Australia can be checked at this link here, so have a look and choose wisely! As for the phone’s pricing without any carrier agreement, that’s a bit steep, if you ask me, going for $899. Don’t forget that Amazon has the SIM-free version of the S3 available ; it goes for just $779.99!

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has only been put up for sale in “Marble White” and with 16 GB of on-board storage, so if you prefer the blue model or the one with 32 GB of internal memory, you should have a little more patience. The “Pebble Blue” variant can be pre-ordered and should start shipping in around 10 days, while the 32 GB version is simply listed as “coming soon” for the time being.

You should also know that a 4G LTE version of the S3 has been not been put up for sale just yet, so you’ll have to make due with 3G connectivity speeds. Telstra, the only Aussie carrier to support LTE speeds, is reportedly in negotiations with Samsung to launch a speedier version of the 4.8-inch “beast”, but the information hasn’t been officially confirmed and we also don’t know when to expect such an S3 model in Australia.

I’m not going to run you through all of the S3’s tech specs and features, as I’m almost certain you know them by heart already, but if you need a quick refresher, check out this article right here. Also, if you have trouble deciding to go for Samsung’s new phone or pass it, here’s a very thorough review to help you make your mind!

Are there any Australian tech enthusiasts reading us? Did you get your own Galaxy S3 already? Has there been any trouble with ordering the device? Let us know in the comments section!

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