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Another batch of Galaxy S3-worthy names: Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Premier, and Galaxy Next trademarked

Sadly Galaxy Chuck Norris didn't make the cut
April 2, 2012

Taking the old adage “you can never prepare too much for something” to heart, Samsung has submitted to the USPTO more names  to be used with its popular Galaxy line. The three new names that the company has filed for trademark are the Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Premier, and Galaxy Next. This means the Galaxy Chuck Norris, a favorite of our readers, was unjustly overlooked once again.

The new addition joined the long list of Galaxy names that have been submitted by Samsung in the last month. We now have the Galaxy Rite, Galaxy Heir, Galaxy Awaken, Galaxy Emerge, Galaxy Stellar, and Galaxy Halo looming on the horizon. Then there’s the Galaxy Thunder, Galaxy Express, and Galaxy Accelerate – all still unaccounted for and we’re not sure which particular device they are reserved for. What we can tell you, we’re all Galaxy-ied out just from typing down those names.

Bearing in mind that trademark requests don’t always translate to the real life naming of a device, at least we know that these are US-specific names, when and if they are really used. It is likely that some of these names will end up being used for the Samsung Galaxy S3, which in case you didn’t know, has hit the 10 million marks in pre-ordered units.

We’d like to say that the rest of the world has been fortunately spared from the Galaxy naming convention, but this is obviously not true. There are now 13 Galaxy devices out there, which range from the first Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy 3, Galaxy 551, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Mini, Galaxy S Super Clear LCD, Galaxy Nexus S, Galaxy Gio, Galaxy Pro, Galaxy S2, Galaxy R, Galaxy W, and Galaxy Nexus. In this case, the names were at least given not just to cater to the carrier’s requirements.

So, which names do you think the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 will be paired with in the US ? We’d probably go with the Galaxy Thunder, Express and Accelerate. But damn, Galaxy Chuck Norris would have been way more awesome!