We haven’t heard anything official from Samsung yet, but it looks like the the next generation of the Galaxy S line of phones may not be making it’s debut at Mobile World Congress next month. Everyone was and is still speculating the announcement of the Galaxy S3 to happen at Mobile World Congress this year, especially since that is where the Galaxy S2 was announced last year. But a new report coming from The Verge today suggests that at one time that was indeed the plan, but now Samsung may have decided to push the Galaxy S3’s unveiling back. This rumor comes from “people familiar with the matter,” who believe the delay could be caused by Samsung’s desire to avoid an extended period between the device’s international launch and US launch, like last year.

So when is Samsung going to unveil the much anticipated next generation of the Samsung Galaxy S series of Android smartphones? Who know’s but if I were Samsung I would make a special event where the Galaxy S3 will be front and center without any other phones stealing its’ thunder, like what happens at CES and MWC. Where as soon as a new thinner device is announced other manufacturers go and quickly make a thinner one so they aren’t out done.

Who’s anxious for Samsung to unveil this new beast, that’s rumored to have a HD display, 12mp camera, and a 1.5GHz quad-core processor? Can’t wait until Samsung unveils and releases the Galaxy S3. On a related not, be sure to follow Android Authority for all the news from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, it’s going to be big!