Sure, the Galaxy S3 Mini is a disappointment because it feels like Samsung is trying to take advantage of the customer by using such a name for a mid-range device. The Galaxy S3 Mini wants to be cool by carrying the same family name as its bigger brother, which also implies it being sold for a higher-than-anticipated price. And that’s why the crowds are protesting.

But the Galaxy S3 Mini will hit stores soon, and some Android fans will end up buying it no matter whether they were mislead by its branding into thinking the device is a flagship handset or whether they make an informed purchasing decision.

And while we showed you yesterday off-contract pricing for the Galaxy S3 Mini, available in the UK, we’re now back with on-contract details for the same market.

Phones4U lists the Galaxy S3 Mini free of charge as long as it’s purchased with a new contract worth at least £25 per month. Buyers are able to choose between several UK carriers, including Orange (Everything Everywhere), Vodafone and O2. It’s up to you to decide what offer better fits your needs when it comes to voice minutes, SMS messages and data included in these plans, so you’ll have to check out the Galaxy S3 Mini product page to compare them.

Phones4U will ship the handset starting with November 2, or in about three weeks for now.

Are you buying this 4-inch disappointing Galaxy S3 Mini?