When it comes to that buttery smooth Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S3, those in the UK fare better than American folks who may not get the update until 2013. Three has jump started the race to bring Android 4.1 to Galaxy S3 owners in the UK, where the update has been pushed out for a couple of days. Now, more carriers have announced when customers can expect to frantically check their phone for signs of jelly.

O2 subscribers have reasons to be cheerful, since they can already move their Galaxy S3 up to Jelly Bean since yesterday. The following was posted on O2’s community forum:

“From tomorrow, 19th October ’12, you’ll be able to upgrade to the much awaited 4.1 Jelly Bean update over Wi-Fi or via Kies.”

Sounds great, right? Not quite.  Looking at the comments from the thread, it seems the update is still nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, those on Vodafone don’t have to feel left out for too long, as the software upgrade to Jelly Bean will be released on Monday in batches. The announcement was made on Vodafone’s support forum as well. This leaves Orange and T-Mobile as the odd two out. Hopefully we’ll hear more from the two carriers in the coming days about their Jelly Bean plan.

Any Galaxy S3 owners on Three and O2 want to share how the Jelly Bean update is coming along?