galaxy s3 video

We all love to take on the other side here at Android Authority, especially when they actually deserve it. So we naturally enjoyed the little jabs that Samsung’s been taking at Apple, and especially the series of commercials where they make lighthearted fun of Apple followers.

But sometimes you should just let the product do the talking. Show what it can do, why it’s amazing, and how it will improve the user’s life. Today we have a beautiful piece of art (I can’t make myself to call it an ad) that does just that – it shows what the Galaxy S3 is capable of.

Commissioned by the Icelandic carrier Síminn, the clip below has been shot in its entirety with a Samsung Galaxy S3. We’ve seen short films recorded with the S3 before, but this one is the most impressive. Watch it in HD if you can.

Moments from Harald Haraldsson on Vimeo.

Created by visual artist and entrepreneur Harald Haraldsson, the video somehow reminds me of Portal. Anyway, if you have doubts that Haraldsson used the S3 to shoot it, there’s a behind the scenes video too. Check it out.

Moments (Behind the Scenes) from Harald Haraldsson on Vimeo.