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Galaxy S3 HDMI ‘issues’ appear, new MHL adapter needed

June 11, 2012

The Galaxy S3 is one of the two most interesting Android handsets of the year – the other being the HTC One X – and it’s surely going to be the best sold of the two. But the handset does have one problem, especially if you plan to frequently hook it up to your HDTV.

The Galaxy S3 has a different microUSB port than other Android devices, as the port’s pins have been rearranged. That means the Galaxy S3 will not work with standard MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) adapters, which let users connect smartphones that come with microUSB ports to big-screen TVs.

So if the MHL adapter is a standard device supported by a plethora of existing Android smartphones, including plenty of Samsung devices, why the sudden pin change on the Galaxy S3? The simplest conclusion we could draw, albeit a mean one, is that Samsung may be interested in milking some extra cash from Galaxy S3 buyers as Samsung’s own MHL adapter will cost you an additional $30.

You can see the accessory in the below video from Clove.

On the other hand, Samsung may have had a serious reason for changing the pin order, and we should rule out a design flaw from the beginning. But, at least for now, we have no official explanation from Samsung regarding the need for a different, non-standard MHL adapter for the Galaxy S3.

Have you purchased your Galaxy S3 HDMI adapter yet?