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We here at Android Authority, live and breathe Android, and we love nothing more than to play around with the coolest Google-powered gadgets. Oh well, maybe there is something that we like more – sharing the joy of Android with you, our loyal readers.

It is your support and your attention that have propelled us to the forefront of the Android blogosphere. So, from time to time, we try to offer back a little something. And sometimes, that little something turns into something AWESOME, like the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 that we are giving away to one lucky Android Authority reader.

Yes, in less than 48 hours, one of our readers will fire up his or her email, stare in awe for a minute or two, and then proceed to jump up and down like a lunatic. That’s OK, we would do that too if we won a shiny new superphone! On May 23, we will announce the lucky winner of the coveted Galaxy S3, and if you haven’t entered the international giveaway yet, now it’s the time to do it. You have tons of ways of getting extra shots, from leaving a comment to hitting our Like button. It’s easy!

Meanwhile, we thought you should meet the winners of our latest giveaways.

Mark Burdon, the happy owner of a new SmartQ T20 tablet

SmartQ tablet winner

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