The world’s most popular Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3, is the pride and joy of many. But as the saying goes, to love something is to accept its flaws – many of them.

First, there was the remote wipe vulnerability issue, which was resolved through a software update. Another security flaw was recently discovered in the form of a root exploit that affects the Galaxy S3, as well as other Exynos 4-based devices.

The “sudden death” issue, however, takes the cake as the most damaging of them all. Making that trip to the service center to replace the dying mainboard – for no apparent reason — isn’t exactly a fun experience.

Samsung has acknowledged the two issues and promised that it’ll be pushing out another software update to fix them. It looks like the antidote is already here for at least one of the problems.

The Android 4.1.2 I9300XXELLA firmware was rolled out by the company to Galaxy S3 owners in the UK yesterday, which reportedly fixes the Exynos vulnerability issue. What hasn’t been confirmed is whether or not the new firmware will also fix the “sudden death” issue. We’re inclined to believe that it won’t, but let’s wait for Samsung to clear the confusion.

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