Are you looking to buy a new Android device, preferably as affordable as possible, but also as high-end as possible? Well, in case you’re ready to commit to a new two-year agreement with either Verizon or Sprint, Amazon Wireless happens to be hosting a special mid-Summer sale that includes various interesting Android handsets.

While not all devices are priced at one cent, the prices offered now by Amazon are still cheaper than anything else that’s out there. But, as always with Amazon deals, you’ll either have to be a new customer or add a new line to take advantage of the discounts.

Here are the devices part of Amazon’s mid-Summer sales and their prices:

We’re looking at some interesting deals here, and you can choose between brand new but more expensive Android smartphones (the Sprint offers) that will also have access to unlimited data plans, and Verizon smartphones launched in late 2011 sold now by Amazon for just one cent.

Are you buying any model of the four handsets included in this mid-Summer sale?

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