Samsung’s 2012 flagship Android handset, the Galaxy S3, is already available in more than 28 markets including the UK, various European countries and Australia, while Canadian customers can pre-order the device starting today from certain mobile operators. Therefore, we’re not surprised to see Samsung release a detailed video meant to highlight the main features of the Galaxy S3.

Entitled “Introducing Samsung Galaxy S III A Day in the Life,” the video has a simple screenplay: day-to-day activities in an Android-loving family. Those of you that have watched the official launch of the handset will get a deja-vu feeling, as Samsung goes through the main specs and features of the device almost in the same order it did on stage in early May, when the handset was finally unveiled during a special London-based media event.–5L_huhlV0

The video does manage to make a strong case for the Galaxy S3 by highlighting some of its most important features. The handset is by far one of the best Android devices out there, at least for now, and it’s certainly going to give the upcoming sixth-generation iPhone – its main adversary this year – a run for the money.

In case you need more details about the Galaxy S3 before you buy one, check out our reviews of the device and the accompanying videos.

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