In case your Galaxy S3 can’t keep up with your mobile needs when it comes to battery life, then you should probably be interested in a battery case accessory for the device.

In fact, it looks like Mophie is going to launch Juice Packs for Samsung’s flagship Android handset in the near future. The battery cases from Mophie are quite popular among iPhone users – and have been built exclusively for Apple’s smartphone versions thus far.

But Mophie is ready to double the battery life of Galaxy S3 users with its new products, which should hit stores in late October or early November. Engadget offers us a sneak peak at these Mophie cases – which will be available in white an black apparently – but other details about them are unavailable at this time. Not even the price for such a Mophie Juice Pack is revealed yet.

We’ll be back with more information as it becomes available. In the mean time, let us know whether you need additional battery life for your Galaxy S3 or not in the comments section below!

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