Like always with brand new devices, especially popular smartphones, chances are that users will find some issues with them during daily use. The most annoying ones affect the handset’s connectivity or battery life, and it looks like at least the latter issue has affected some Samsung Galaxy S3 versions.

According to xda-developers, there’s a Galaxy S3 battery drain problem that affects international Galaxy S3 devices, and it appears to be Samsung’s fault. Fret not though, as a manual fix does exist, and chances are the South Korean Android maker will issue a patch to address the matter. However, so far Samsung has not confirmed the problem.

So what is causing quick battery drain on the Galaxy S3? It looks like the phone’s Cell standby feature is to blame, “sometimes accounting for 50-70% more than even the Screen or Android System.” That may sound like a serious issue, but various developers have researched the matter further, only to discovered that an error in framework-res.apk is responsible for the mess. Apparently the power drain value for Cell standby is set to 34mA, ten times higher than a “reasonable value” of 3.4mA. That would explain why the Galaxy S3 battery drain issues appear.

The file that needs fixing is called power_profile.xml, and in case you want to go ahead and update it yourself and save yourself some battery life, then follow the link below to access the how-to tutorial. We’ll remind you that we don’t encourage you to repair any device yourself, but should you go down that avenue, make sure you exercise caution in such cases. The better option would be to contact the carrier or electronics retailer you purchased the device from and wait for a software fix from.

The top image shows the different battery drain before (left) and after (right) the power_profile.xml file has been updated.

Meanwhile, we’re certainly waiting for Samsung to shed more light on these potential Galaxy S3 battery issues. Moreover, we can’t but wonder whether the North American versions, most of them coming with that power-hungry 4G LTE support, experience similar battery troubles caused by the Cell standby mode. Have you experienced any Galaxy S3 battery issues so far?

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