Promises, promises, promises. That’s all Samsung seems to be up to these days, with those much awaited Jelly Bean updates being planned and scheduled, but still not put into practice.

Android 4.1 is so close to the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and Note 10.1 that we can almost taste it, but the rollout of the official upgrades is for some reason still on hold. Meanwhile, it looks like we have some very surprising new candidates for the Jelly Bean software leap, namely the Gingerbread-running Galaxy Ace 2 and S Advance.

The Galaxy S2 was also thought to be among the first batch of Sammy phones to be treated with a 4.1 upgrade some time ago, although with no pre-release versions out there, we started thinking that it could be temporarily left out of the mix.

Now the S2 is back in the updating game, and, according to some fresh new promises, it will very closely follow its successor… at least in Sweden. Samsung’s official branch in the Northern European country just posted a sort of an upgrading schedule on Facebook, which has the S2 with a preliminary November timeline for a Jelly Bean rollout.

Although this is official information, it should be still taken with a pinch of salt due to two reasons. It comes via Facebook, which has proven a very “generous” source of mishaps in the past, and it also comes from a local Samsung department, which is again not the most reliable source of this kind of info.

Even if the information proves accurate, we have no way to know whether GS2 models outside Sweden will be treated with the update in the same timeline, so again pinch of salt and not too much excitement.

Assuming that Sammy will stick to that schedule and that the ETAs will apply outside Sweden, the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 are the only devices getting Jelly Bean by November. The S2 LTE, S Advance, and Galaxy Tab 10.1 are to be updated to ICS sometime in Q4, while the original Galaxy S will get Android 2.3.6 in “October-November”.

It’s obvious that at least some parts of the schedule won’t apply outside Sweden, seeing as Android 4.0 is already available for specific models of the Tab 10.1, while the Galaxy S has received that 2.3.6 value pack many months ago in some countries. Not to mention that the promised ICS upgrade for the S Advance would challenge Samsung Bulgaria’s Facebook claims.

The rest of the Samsung devices on the Swedish list, including the GNote, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 still have “inga uppgifter”, which is apparently Swedish for “no data”. That’s also pretty bizarre, seeing as the Note and the Tab 2 7.0 are just about confirmed as getting Jelly Bean by the end of the year.

Well, enough with the promises and speculations already, and let’s just wait and see what happens. That also applies to Samsung, if anyone’s listening, who should be starting to walk the walk and not just talk and talk.