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Root acquired: Galaxy S2 ICS rooted, update instructions available online

March 13, 2012
Galaxy S2 ICS Update Root

This morning, the Galaxy S2 ICS (Android 4.0.3) update began to sweep the world, first in South Korea, followed by Scandinavia and a few other countries. Of course, it took only hours for the industrious gathering of enthusiasts at XDA-developers to produce a method of rooting your freshly updated Samsung Galaxy S2. And if Samsung has neglected your country so far and you can’t wait to replace that stale Gingerbread on your S2 with a spankin’ fresh Ice Cream Sandwich treat, XDA-developers has you covered too.

If only some carriers would be so adept at releasing updates as Android enthusiasts are at rooting them, the world would be a better place… Enough dreaming, let’s see how you can gain root on your updated Galaxy S2.

Final European ROM available for flashing

If you can’t wait for the OTA to grace your Galaxy S2 phone with its creamy presence, you can try (on your own risk and after bidding your warranty a warm farewell) to update your phone yourself, using the ROM put at your disposal by XDA member Faryaab. Note that we are talking about an European ROM for now –  I9100XXLPQ (Official Final Build) – so if you’re living across the pond or elsewhere in the world, you might give the update a second thought. After all, the carriers will push the Galaxy 2 ICS OTA soon enough, right? Right???

Anyway, you can get complete instructions and maybe some support from Mr. Faryaab himself, on the dedicated XDA thread. The thread is also home to a bunch of screenshots to prove you that the ROM is for real.

If you like your devices thoroughly rooted and free from any trace of carrier spyware, err… quality improvement tools, you also get instructions on how to acquire root on your newly updated Samsung Galaxy S2. Neat.

At the time this post was published, the Galaxy S2 ICS root and update thread was already 53 pages long, complete with cries of help, silly questions, and the victorious proclamations of those who pulled it through. If you’re not sure about what you’re doing, it may be a good idea to wait for the official update. Bricked phones are never funny, so be extra careful with those backups. For those who prefer to wait, we’re keeping our Galaxy S2 ICS rollout coverage updated.

If you do try out the new XDA Galaxy S2 ICS ROM or the rooting method, give us a shout. How did it go? Are you satisfied with the flavor of Ice Cream Sandwich?