As a natural born gourmand, I’ve tasted a lot of weird and funky recipes over time, but there’s one thing I never thought I’ll get the chance to see cooked – a smartphone. And no, I don’t mean cooked as in having its hardware or software tweaked to up the performance, but cooked as in left on a hob to get all tender, soft, and juicy inside.

But before asking yourselves whether one should order a phone rare or well done with French fries or a salad as a side dish, you should know that it wasn’t Gordon Ramsay who tried to cook a Samsung Galaxy S2, but a poor tech user from Barcelona who left “his precious” by mistake on his ceramic hob.

Poor ol’ Guillermo Tamayo had the bad luck of leaving his GS2 unsupervised, next to his wallet and car keys, on the glass surface of the kitchen appliance, which most likely came to life after the unintentional touching of its capacitive buttons (hmm, that sounds like one cool cooking hob!).

Now we’re not sure what happened to the wallet and keys, as the victim of this mishap mentioned nothing about them, but the unfortunate Galaxy S2 got burned – literally. You can see from the pics that the poor phone was very fortunate to get out alive, though we can’t even imagine how much pain it probably still feels.

One would think that the decent thing to do right now would be to retire the victim due to its injuries, but wait ‘till you hear this – aside from the melted and bumped back, the GS2 works as smooth as ever, which is a full-blown miracle, if you ask me. The rear-facing cam produces blurrier shots than before, but come on, it’s still pretty unbelievable that the phone has “survived”, with all its hardware and software intact.

According to the doctors’ (aka Samsung Care Point operators) professional opinion, the GS2 will need extensive cosmetic surgery to get back to its old handsome self, but hopefully Guillermo will do everything in his power to honor his  comrade as it deserves.

Interestingly, the Care Point personnel where the Spaniard took the phone for “medical care” was professional enough to not ask questions or make comments about the S2’s state. Yeah, well, to his face maybe…

This should go out as a lesson for all of you butterfingered, clumsy tech lovers out there who refuse to admit that such a thing could happen to them anytime. Keep your phones close, guys, or just get them some protective cases if you don’t want to end up on Android Authority with fingers pointed at you! Or better yet, buy yourselves one of those ruggedized, “bulletproof” handhelds we’ve been seeing a lot lately.